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Snow had painted the city white overnight. Each step sounding crisp as the sole of (y/n)'s boots pushed it down, compacting it. Eyes downcast (y/n) soon found the smooth layers of snow were broken by another's footsteps, the untainted blanket she'd been walking through now riddled with imprints of another person's foot she stopped when a memory flickered to life within her mind.

Hands clasped tight the broad back of the man sheltered (y/n) from the incoming blizzard; his head bowed slightly (y/n) could only keep up with the strong strides by stepping into the prints he left behind...

Blinking the memory away (y/n) sighed quietly, a foot lifted it was placed within the print the unknown person had left, much larger than her own it allowed (y/n) to stamp off the build up of snow on one of her boots.

Following the path the person left her (y/n) found her mind wandering once more, reaching back into a time when she knew what it felt like to genuinely smile when she knew the reason the muscle in her chest beat.

"Careful (y/n), it's icy here." the words of warning given (y/n) had nodded that she'd heard, tongue between her teeth to concentrate on where each foot was placed. A hand was soon outstretched, catching her around the mid drift before she tumbled down. Hands gripping for dear life to the strong body (y/n) had peeked from beneath snowflake littered lashes at the man "Thank you." 

A flutter in the chest brought (y/n) back, foot slipping beneath her body she managed to save herself in time, feet spread wide she bent at the waist, arms wide and ready to catch her if necessary. After a few moments of panic (y/n) righted herself once more, feet placed within the much deep imprints once more she continued on her way.

Continuing on what was now a trip on memory lane (y/n) blinked away the liquid building in her eyes. Unsure whether they were brought on by the icy lick of wind, or the memories unboxing themselves (y/n) could only push onward. (y/n) was too far from home now to turn around now, and with each step, it took her back to a time where she'd felt alive, felt warm.

Clinging to the gloved hand (y/n) eventually had pushed her way through the icy patch, a hand placed on the strong back gloved digits curled into the snowflake littered fabric. Even though the dampness crept through the gloves, kissing away the heat of her fingers (y/n) felt warm purely by being with him. No matter how long ago it had been since she'd last been able to feel her nose, he gave her the warmth and energy to keep moving forward...

Back seizing up (y/n)'s teeth ground together, the snow built up on the branch above finally weighing it down it dropped. Landing with a thud on (y/n)'s head loose balls of snow crept in the gap between scarf and coat, travelling down her back and once more dragging her back into the present.

Fingers curled into fists (y/n) took in shuddering breaths, body wriggling in a hope to shake out the snow lumps quickly hands swatted wildly at the snow still lingering on her scarf. It made (y/n) pause for a moment, reminding her once more that she was on her own, there was no one to laugh and brush it away, no one to pull her in close and wrap her in the warmth of their body.

Hands falling to knock against her side (y/n) felt the first tear escape, the heat of it burning against her numbed cheek. Sighing once more (y/n) shook out her woes, hands returning to remove the snow she was soon following the path someone had stepped out for her once more. As time went on (y/n) noticed the prints she'd been following became wider, the strides taken having jumped (y/n) found herself struggling to stretch her much shorter legs to reach the next foot hole.

A laugh had rumbled deep within his chest, eyes alight with a sense of mischief as he watched (y/n) struggle to hop from one set of prints to the other, his own legs planted wide arms were open and ready, waiting for her to reach him.

"You could always make your own way through the snow." the words teased (y/n), her face scrunched up and lips pouting in a sulk.

"You are so mean!" exclaiming her discontent (y/n) barely managed to reach the following set of prints.

Blinking slowly, a smile cracked the flat line of her lips. The corners turned up (y/n)'s feet lifted, hopping with much more ease than she had the very first time to the next set of prints. Focused on jumping from one set to another (y/n) failed to see the man, his arms wide and waiting (y/n)'s heart gave a startled lurch when she reached him, strong arms enveloping her she was pulled tightly against his chest.

Confused (y/n) tried to struggle, a hand coming to the back of her head to keep it firmly placed on the man's chest (y/n) could hear the unsteady beating within his chest, his scent familiar (y/n) wriggled to get her head free. Eyes drifting up the broad chest before they settled on the familiar face, the one that had been haunting her all morning, all year "Erwin?" sounding his name for the first time since he'd left she choked on her following breath when he spoke.

"I've missed you."
This piece was inspired by the song Borrowed Time by Frances

Thank you for reading! & I hope you enjoy! 

Cover art is not mine
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Sniffle-sniffle, ah my heart, so sweet.
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